Like the stream of water
In a water-less land
This way, I dreamt
Of you to-be

Like the shadow of a massive crag
In a parched land
This way I hoped
You’ll turn out

A source of succor
A source of hope
A fulfiller of promises
A keeper of solemn words

But even the buts
Peirce me to my soul
Each time, causing fragments
Of my heart to fall

But after but is all I have heard
You failed me many times
Yet you haven’t repented
Breaking my heart all the time

To you, my life is attached
A love too strong to break
Like a silver cord of bond
Binding me to you eternally

Yet, like a curse you are
When you should have been a blessing
Yes, a massive crag of hope

But you have turned my life into PARCHED SOIL...

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