I think I need to pour out my feeling on this
Originally, I am not a lover of art. I never gave it a chance in my heart, most of which I come across with are high-end
Not until when I came across it on a large scale. These mural in the street of Lagos, south western part of Nigeria, West Africa.
Was going to my office on a morning when I saw a white lady on a ladder close to one of the poles of Falomo bridge in Ikoyi( a wealthy resident area in Lagos)
drawing on the pole image of a tattooed girl and that was what she was doing on the rest of the poles- painting different image of the different girl.
I couldn't help but stared till the vehicle passed and lost the sight.I feel there are lots behind every art. Anyways, these are all I noticed:

-It tells a story
  The art is depict the images of abducted schoolgirls by BokoHaram (an Islamist extremist tormenting at a time in Nigeria) in April, 2014. A total of 276 girls were kidnapped in a secondary school
in a remote locale, Chibok, in Borno, a north-eastern part of Nigeria. This really raised a global concern with nations contributing towards their release. At a point, 57 of them managed to escape
some few months later. Few more managed to escape and recently in May,2017, a total of 82 were released while Nigeria awaits the rest to be rest to be recovered.Six among them were believed to die in the process.
The slogan #Bringbackourgirls still trends and lingers in the heart of majority. 
I love the art.

-Its so appealing
  One thing I also notice is how beautiful and attractive it is. There is this sense of emotional connection I felt every time I came across this art. The beauty brings me some fascinating memories of life.
Something I will like to be around me every point in time. I'm beginning to fall in love with paintings.

-It inspires:
 There seem to be a story behind every painting, at least to the ones I know of. I got inspired from the look and from possible solution were coming up. If I had a magic wand, definitely, I would rescue the remaining girls
It's really a beautiful thing to be around paintings most espcially the murals. I love it.

Lagos turns 50 year in existence, I think it's a part of the state way of celebration. Apart from the mural at Falomo, there is another along Ozumba Mbadiwe road in Victoria Island which depict the three statue of Lagos priests and 
the National Theatre (which is constructed in the shape of Nigerian military cap)


while the last one is at Berger at the welcoming zone to Lagos which displays the entertainment part of Lagos.

I hope you'll visit Nigeria and call at the smallest but most commercialized state in the country.

Thanks for reading....