Wandering about in the woods
Seeking that first spot we met
Alone in the dark, covered in dew
Alone in the truth and empty in the depth

Pictures of yesterday flash through my brain
The stagnant pictures of how things used to be
You, me and us, how we used to live
From our very first night together
Deep in the woods, under the cover

Floating round and about
They drop by the second
All aiming from the ground
Dried and dead leaves fall

Slowly falling, rejected and left for decay
Filling the earth and mix with the dirt
Enriching the soil in every season
Enriching my memories of you and me
Refreshing the moments of how we used to be

Like the introductory rains of summer
Slowly and light, they came
Filling the heart of men with joy
But these, these memories wakes me from my slumber
Only fill my heart with pain
Taking away my feelings of ahoy

So smooth, the flash backs in my brain
So smooth, the first feelings of my pain
So smooth, the attitude of that heartless

Who took you away from me to leave me helpless
Nurturing my Molecular feeling

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