Awake, after weeks of slumber
In the abyss of un-scared disillusion
Painstakingly drawn in by sheer laziness
And an environment of bleak hopelessness

Thought I knew the end
from the very beginning
But this, I didn’t plan for at first
suddenly, I was strapped
From my head to my toes
I found myself without real hope

Hours ran by, biting moments
Slowly, at first it seems
till days passed on
Weeks and months
And my pen lost its breathe
While I lost the fire in-depth

Now I awake, jittery, unfeeling
wishing to bridge the gap
Created the months of inactivity
Hoping to fill this still emptiness within

Like a carved lifeless image of yesterday
This way I have been, now at hour 48
Deep in thought, attempting each piece
to find the right words

Slow at first it seems, till your image,
our image by the stream hit
A piece in the depth of me
One sweet reminder, to me, opening new pages


The say quitters don’t win, winners don’t quit
But this time, quitting left me with no option
Just a little piece pushing me forward to carry on
Surely someday, I’ll get to the promise land
When I’ll look back the years then smile

My days of hope are over.

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