Slowly coming fresh reality
Slowly dawning filled with hoping

Cutting across
Like a two-edged sword
The large landscape of my heart

A wide spectacle
A showy parade
Or a decaying fragment pinnacle
Of long lost dreams telling a tale

Will I make it through
To see the end of this whole struggle
Lord, I am still hopeful
Yes hopefully still, but very tired and feeble

Languishing in a pain of loneliness
Downcast like a woman suffering from barrenness
Heart seeking a way out
Touching the cardinals, from North to South
May this storm subside
So I can see the open way through and gain my pride

Filled like a dumped yard
This is the way I have been
Many times thrashed
And forced out rejected like an hopeless man seeking entry

Slowly dawning
A new day approaching
Hope the day I will be well gifted has come

To catch hold of and put an end to this brewing storm

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