What is love? What is pain?
Where is God? What is ache?

What is misery? What is tragedy?
What is sorrow? What is melancholy?

What is dream? What is hope?
What is victory?
Where are the lyrics that consoles my soul?

Depressed in grief seeking down in dusk
Where is the light that brightens my world?

Daily, facing trials and persecutions
Daily, faithfully holding on
Under eclectic and sometimes severe provocation
Yet, forced to hold still, simplicity or the part of my nature

Love, dreams, hope, triumph, lyrics
These stand true in consolation of the soul
While pain, ache, melancholy, misery, tragedy
Sorrow, hopelessness, depression and grief
Daily haunt and weakens the soul
But these realities I daily see weakens me the most

Where you at, the learned ones? Help to understand these bits.

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