That the love in your heart be eternally
Burning for me
Like a lamp divinely lit
Showcasing the utmost power of the diving being

That your soul and body be kept
Untouched by none after me
Forever nourished and left
Till we meet at eternity

That your devotion in truth
Be of God
And after God, all else centered to none
Me, the love to whom your life was entwined
A promise to be kept, in death and in life

That your attitude to life
When I was here remain same
Our outings be maintained
To the good old days, in memory
You had me with you, and I had you with me
Cos by your side,I will be through to you and that is how I will always be

That all I’m leaving behind
The living and lifeless virtue
Be utterly maintained and kept
Put to good and positive use
Just the way I used them

That you, the love of my life
Remain in the blossom of my love, my dear
Forever in this earth I will wait
Till we meet again, which is certain

Then, live forever without pain or death.

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