If I am asked who the greatest sinner is
It's the one whose intention is bent on killing the wonderous spirit of a child
In every attempt either to mould  or differently marks the mind

Even in training in choosing for the individual
Whatever our society or ourselves consider good or bad
As long as the intent belongs not to a child
The act then becomes a sin

Just a way in the peak of our dear lives
Adopted are our father's thought
Our decisions could no longer be ours
Rather it becomes for you to take away the environment of freedom
in which we were raised

I remember our childhood in every attempt
We were always free to make our choice
And we never chose wrong or ill
We made a meaning out of our lives
We created an identity beneath the shadows of your huge image
Yet, satisfaction, you had not

In our attempt to mould us into what you desire and want
many lost the path to self-discovery
Though, I was lucky to have made this early enough
the languishing depth of words in me
All things being equal, only I have stood the test of time
In this, as long as we are considered together
You have proven yourself to be a Great Sinner