“Who sat and watched my infant head?
When sleeping on my cradle bed
And tears of sweet affection shed? My …What?
When pain and sickness made me cry
Who gazed upon my heavy eye?
And wept for fear that I should die”
What will be your answer?
This question I ask myself and everyone
Please don’t get me wrong when I say we had been brainwashed
But come to think of it if a Father is never as vital in our lives
I am saying this not to spite anyone but to celebrate the only day given to the Awesome DADs

Someone ones said, “On Fathers’ day, dad takes everyone out
On mothers’ Day, dad takes everyone out
On children’s day, dad takes everyone out
On birthdays, dad takes everyone out etc.”
That seem to be the least thing expected of the FATHER.

Dad, the bill payer, takes care of the family and protects the interest
Leaves home to look for the family daily bread
while, subconsciously looking after the family in nurtured fear
that his family be safe from all adversities…THE FATHER

Thieves come in the midnight,
When everyone is fidgeting and in great fear
And no one could step forward I sacrifice
Father appears to possibly die first
The first statement that comes out of his mouth,
“Please, take whatever you want, but don’t hurt my wife and kid(s)”
A courageous man who is ready to lay down his precious life
So that his family will live on and be spared

I know I speak many people’s mind and some may think I’m trying to criticize
All I’m just saying is, give honour the FATHER alone, atleast for this out of the 365
And repeat after me, “my love for will never die, oh! My FATHER