Like a span of a dry century
It passed by slowly
Filling me to my depth
With so much misery, so much agony
The effect of the action
Bringing upon me untold hardship

Few days of neglect
In my eyes like a thousand years
Few days of utter abandonment
Left me in the darkness of a deep tunnel

Like an abyss with no end
The tale of my downtimes
Only has a period it commenced
But in sight, I see no ending time

A cessation of us
The breaking of my weary heart
Seems the most likely
All this while I’m watching
As you slowly pack up your belongings
You look stern and unloving

I still ponder over us
The dream we had
The many castles we built
And the happiness we shared with our tongues
Why?! Just few days of my inactivity

And you are tearing us apart

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